Just 100g of Cranberries Every Day Helps to Improve Heart Health

A study has found that consuming cranberries every day for 1 month improved cardiovascular function in healthy individuals. The study consisted of 45 healthy men who consumed 9 grams of whole cranberry powder equal to 100g of fresh cranberries daily or a placebo for 1 month.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: 10.1039/D2FO00080F

The Individuals who consumed the cranberry experienced a substantial improvement in flow-mediated dilation, which signals blood vessel function and heart function improvement. Flow-mediated dilation is regarded as a sensitive cardiovascular disease risk biomarker and measures the widening of blood vessels when there is an increase in blood flow.

The polyphenol and metabolite increases in the bloodstream and the associated flow-mediated dilation improvements after consuming cranberries highlight the significance of the cranberry’s role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Because these cardiovascular health improvements were observed with a reasonable quantity of cranberries consumed every day makes them a key fruit in cardiovascular disease prevention.

Low vegetable and fruit consumption is one of the major modifiable risk factors related to a higher cardiovascular disease incidence around the world. Mounting evidence keeps on associating cranberry polyphenols with heart health benefits. The berries are full of unique proanthocyanidins that have unique properties in comparison to polyphenols seen in other fruits.

This study looked into the effect that freeze-dried cranberry powder, equal to 100 grams of fresh cranberries, had on cardiovascular health. The results indicated that cranberry consumption together with a healthy diet helps to reduce cardiovascular disease risk by blood vessel function improvement.

A preliminary study was carried out with 5 healthy individuals to verify the biological activity of the freeze-dried cranberry powder. The study determined that cranberry consumption increased flow-mediated dilation and dosing was confirmed.

The main study was a gold standard study design looking at 45 healthy individuals each consuming either a placebo or 2 packets of freeze-dried cranberry powder equal to 100g of fresh cranberries every day for 1 month.

The study identified significant flow-mediated dilation improvements 2 hours after the 1st consumption and again after 1 month of daily consumption demonstrating benefits that were immediate as well as long lasting. Metabolites that predicted the positive effects observed in flow-mediated dilation were also identified.

The study results conclude that cranberry consumption can play a significant part in supporting healthy blood vessel function and cardiovascular health.

Just 100g Of Cranberries Every Day Helps To Improve Heart Health

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